Public Talk at INHA, Paris

Claudia Kappenberg will introduce the International Journal of Screendance and present a paper on the politics of discourse in hybrid practices. 21 February 2014, 17 -19pm, at cehta, located at INHA, Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris. 2 Rue Vivienne 75002 : Paris. This is part of an ongoing series of public talks entitled Figures du geste dansé. See

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2 thoughts on “Public Talk at INHA, Paris

  1. looks like a really interesting series of seminars, Claudia, sorry we can’t be there to hear you speak! Richard and I will be in Europe from mid-June to mid-July and would love to know of interesting events such as this one we might attend or even offer to be speak. It looks as though we will be teaching a 2-day dancefilm workshop at HFF Potsdam in mid-July.

  2. Claudia says:

    Hi Karen, if you are interested in performance in the wider sense the best of all lists is the SCUDD list;
    Also in London you could check out two agencies Artsadmin;
    and Live Art Agency;
    None of these do much screendance though, if you are looking for that specifically you need to look for the needle in the haystack. The Pompidou in Paris does regular screenings and also an exhibition currently on video-based work which they call ‘video danse’, but the works are basically video documents of solo dancers on stage; it is debatable if the work could or should be considered as screendance. As I am learning the French academy tends to hang on to discreet fields of research and scholarship, so an interdisciplinary practice like video danse/ screendance does not get much exposure or debate. The exception here is the Festival de Videodanse Bourgogne, but it runs 14th – 17th May, so before you get here. I’ll keep posting events here if I come across anything.
    Best, Claudia

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