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French blog Digidanse

Nicolas Villodre (Collections, La Cinémathèque de la Danse, Paris) reviews After Deren, the new issue of the International Journal of Screendance, and comments on a recent discussion and presentation on Screendance at the Figures du geste dansé;  Digidanse



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Public Talk at INHA, Paris

Claudia Kappenberg will introduce the International Journal of Screendance and present a paper on the politics of discourse in hybrid practices. 21 February 2014, 17 -19pm, at cehta, located at INHA, Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris. 2 Rue Vivienne 75002 : Paris. This is part of an ongoing series of public talks entitled Figures du geste dansé. See

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After Deren is the 3rd issue of the International Journal of Screendance.

It is published by Parallel Press and available online.

Hardcopies have also been printed and can be purchased here;

For any other questions leave a reply here or email:

Claudia Kappenberg,

Douglas Rosenberg,

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All this can happen


All this can happen

Director Siobhan Davies & David Hinton |
choreography Siobhan Davies |
UK | 2012 | 50′

Made entirely from found archive footage and photographs from the early days of the moving image, this film follows the footsteps of the protagonist from The Walk, a short story written in 1917 by Robert Walser. Juxtapositions, different speeds and split-frame techniques convey the walker’s state of mind as he encounters a world of hilarity, despair and endless variety. Everyday movements appear, evolve and freeze before our eyes.

Screening at Cinedans, 12-16th March Amsterdam.