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new licensing for International Journal of Screendance

We are thrilled to announce that from Volume 9 of the International Journal of Screendance will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). This move formalizes what has been the informal practice and ethos of IJSD since its inception: we believe that authors should be able to widely share their own final, published work (i.e. not pre-prints) without having to pay for open access, and that audiences everywhere should be able to read this work free of charge. While authors will retain copyright ownership of their work, this Creative Commons license will allow readers to print, share, re-post, and republish IJSD articles, without asking for permission, as long as the work is properly attributed to authors.

You can read more about the license here:
or view the full legal text here:

– Harmony Bench and Simon Ellis (co-editors, IJSD)


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International Journal of Screendance Volume 10: “Screendance Now” open call for papers


This is an open call for submissions to Volume 10 of the International Journal of Screendance:

The past several years have witnessed the growth and consolidation of screendance studies as a scholarly field, while the creative practices at the intersection of dance and screen continue to proliferate, change, and challenge. The first volume of IJSD asserted with the provocation that “Screendance has not yet been invented.” Volume 10 of IJSD presents an opportunity to reflect on screendance now. Where do we find ourselves as a field? How do audiences currently engage with dance onscreen? On what tools and resources do artists rely? What pressing questions and concerns are on our collective horizon, and what are the lingering issues that have not been fully addressed?

We invite contributions related to all aspects of screendance production, curation, reception, history, and analysis in the forms of scholarly research (articles), interviews, reviews, provocations and viewpoints, and visual essays. We invite contributions that address dance film and festivals, dance in global popular cinemas and television, dance in social media, installation and digital dance, dance games, and any other possible combination of dance and screen. We particularly welcome contributions from emerging scholars, and from artists and scholars working outside the United States and United Kingdom.

The focus of IJSD is to support and nurture cross-disciplinary writing on screendance by developing ideas and debates at the intersection of film, dance, visual arts, and media arts. Contributions to IJSD will expand and critique contemporary notions of screen-based images and changing choreographic practices, and engage with theories and philosophies from interdisciplinary fields.


  • Submission Deadline: 1 August 2018
  • Publication Date: April 2019

For enquiries please email the International Journal of Screendance editors Harmony Bench and Simon Ellis

Further information

  • Scholarly articles (3500–6000 words) are peer-reviewed in a fully anonymous process. All other contributions will be reviewed by the editorial board. We are also interested in publishing Interviews (2000–3000 words), Reviews of books, films, or events (750–1000 words) and Provocations and Viewpoints (750–1000 words). For the purposes of our review process, please indicate which of the above categories best characterizes your contribution.
  • If you are interested in submitting a contribution that does not fall into the above categories, please contact the editors for additional direction.
  • Authors must register with IJSD at in order to upload submissions. All submissions should be uploaded by authors in .docx or .rtf format.
  • Please use the IJSD style guide – – to correctly format your document.
  • Example article (to help with formatting and style guide questions):
  • Publications in all sections are indexed, but only scholarly articles are peer-reviewed. Please see IJSD’s Editorial Policies for more information.
  • The International Journal of Screendance is published via the Open Journal System.
  • IJSD is published in English and uses American spelling and punctuation.
  • IJSD is published as PDF and HTML files under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). You can read more about the license here:
    or view the full legal text here:
    We serve the screendance field as a whole; therefore, there are no fees for submission, processing, publication, or access to IJSD.
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Call for Submissions of Screendance for the Conference Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World at Arizona State University, October 2018

On Saturday evening, October 13th, 2018, the Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World Conference will present an evening of curated dance films as a conference offering and is seeking submissions.

Echoing the conference description, the scope, definition and audience for this call for submissions is deliberately broad and inclusive. Works submitted should address some of these concerns:

  • Without settling on a singular notion of a Jewish point of view, does the perspective of this film present a Jewish one?
  • How is experience, memory, tradition, identity, struggle, celebration framed through a notion of Jewishness?
  • What are the cultural/geographical/historical lenses through which those experiences are presented/seen?
  • Are notions of “Jewishness” reflected in the perspective of the choreographer, the cinematic and/or editing choices, the identities of the performers, the movement vocabularies, the locations, and thematic content of the work, i.e., immigration, social justice, progressive human rights, health and well–being, etc.?
  • How have Jews re-presented the dancing body and how are those bodies placed within the site of screendance?
  • How can the camera bring Jewish dancing bodies of color and diverse ethnicities to the screen?
  • How have Jews contributed to the instantiation and rise of screendance as an art form and how does your work fit into or challenge that trajectory?



Work submitted:

  • Must exemplify the merging of the art form of choreography with cinematography in the genre of screendance and must not be a documentary nor a documentation of a stage performance.
  • Submissions must include a 200 word or less statement that addresses at least one of the above questions/concerns.
  • All dance forms are welcome.
  • Must not be longer than 15 minutes.

There is no limitation as to when the films were created.

There is no submission fee.

Submit to:

Deadline for submissions: July 20, 2018

Questions? Contact Ellen Bromberg:

You can also see this as a shareable PDF at:

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