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volume 4 of ijsd

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 4 of the International Journal of Screendance: Theory (into) Practice. The volume is available in HTML and PDF formats at:

The volume features articles and essays by Katy Pendlebury, Sophie Walon, Anna Heighway, Marc Boucher, Rosemary Candelario, Sherril Dodds & Colleen Hooper, Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt and Dianne Reid. There are also reviews by Kyra Norman, Priscilla Guy and Cristiane Bouger, and an interview with Katrina MacPherson.

Together these writings are framed by persistent concerns for how artists and scholars understand the interplay between practice and theory. Co-editor Claudia Kappenberg writes that the “intent here is to suggest that the two words are end points on either side of a spectrum of interdisciplinary work for the screen, and that each is a point of attraction for the other.”

This is the last volume edited by IJSD’s founding editors Claudia Kappenberg and Doug Rosenberg, and also the first volume of IJSD to be published on the Open Journal System.

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