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More Filmaktion at Tate Modern

Horror Film 1

Malcolm Le Grice, 1971, 3 screens, 14 min. performed as part of Filmaktion, The Tanks, Tate Modern, London UK

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Filmaktion at Tate Modern

After Leonardo, 1973 – 2012

Malcolm Le Grice, 1973, 3 screens, performance with Keith Rowe, as part of Filmaktion, The Tanks, Tate Modern, London UK

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All this can happen

Last night the new film and collaboration between Siobhan Davies and David Hinton was premiered at Dance Umbrella.

‘All this can happen’ is a major oeuvre, a choreographic and editorial feast with a stunning visuality and amazing soundscape, which take the viewer on a long walk, so to speak, as in Robert Walser’s short story The Walk (1917).

The introductory notes include this description: “Frame by frame, we follow this man’s thoughts and experiences through a constellation of images from a world in all its random diversity. As in a flick book, ordinary movements from everyday activities appear, evolve and freeze, creating a striking choreographic work that playfully blurs our sense of memory, imagination and our sense of self.”

The random diversity includes many things from urban street scenes, kids playing, a man strolling down a country lane, a giant, a traumatised individual staring out from a bed,  greyhounds racing and filmstrips ending in abstract patterns. There is much to think about this epic journey, its sounds and images.

If anyone would like to write a review of this film for the next issue of the International Journal of Screendance please get in touch with us!

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Rethinking Capitalism, through dance

In this talk for The Bruce Initiative for Rethinking Capitalism Randy Martin reads dance in terms of sovereignty, rule, governance and capacity, and he reads capitalism through dance. He concludes by saying: ” Dance is straddling between two major strategies of art: the utopian which we have now brought from the distant spectacle into a kind of tactile form, and the interventionist, which is about methods, techniques and the means through which we achieve what we would like to become.”

How does this translate to screendance? It could be argued that screendance is utopian, in that it is the sphere of the imaginary, of invented space-time and mobility. But the screen can also scrutinize, mirror and confront. So perhaps it can equally be interventionist in that it looks back at us and at the everyday?

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In London: Small Matters

For those who live in London, UK here is another chance to see curated, installed screendance:


Black Lab, UAL: Central Saint Martins

Wed 10 – Sun 14 (not Thu 11) October 2012, from 5.00pm to 10.00pm

FREE (no booking required)

In a year of grand happenings, straybird invites you to explore movement in the smallest detail. Small Matters is a selection of works, presented on handheld mobile devices, that celebrate smallness.

Following on from this year’s What Matters festival at Siobhan Davies Studios, Small Matters sits somewhere between a choreographed exhibition and an exhibited choreography.

straybird is led by Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds, two independent artists whose practices have spanned dance, live art and moving image disciplines.