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Post Symposium Pictures

Post Screendance Symposium (April 10-13th at University Wisconsin-Madison) here are a few pictures. In this day and age not many can or want to travel long distances and the whole event was carefully documented to provide wider access to the presentations and long table discussions. I will post a link went the documentation is available online. A set of personal recollections will also be published in the next volume of the Screendance Journal, that is Vol 13. For reference see:

Photographs by Gitta Wigro and Claudia Kappenberg.

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Remembering Simon Fildes

In memory of Simon Fildes I am posting images from Open Source [VideoDance] 2006 and 2007 in Findhorn, Scotland, which was run by Karl Jay-Lewin, Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes. Simon was a doer, passionate, determined to make things happen and welcoming. He meant a lot to many people, inspired, mentored and tutored and helped forge a screendance community in Scotland and internationally.

There is a lot more that Simon wanted do, but he leaves behind a large body of work that will continue to circulate and speak of his concepts and ideas, his keen eye for editing, his love of nature, his interest in story and that which moves us.

Rest in Peace.

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Report from Panorama British Screendance

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I am following up on my last post about this event/ panorama in Bordeaux 11th May 2017: to make this happen, Camille Auburtin worked with three partners, the Cinéma Jean Eustache de Pessac in Bordeaux, who hosted the screening and lecture, the Université Populaire du Cinéma of Bordeaux (UNIPOP), and the independent association Cinéréseaux. It was an interesting forum as it brought together several different audiences of all ages, from young and mature filmmakers who work with dancers and screendance to those who had never heard of screendance/ video dance, but have a general interest in cinema and experimental work.

The films looked great on a massive screen in this 400 seater cinema, and were discussed in the context of experimental cinema’s rich history.

For a blog post on the event see:


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Screendance Network meeting, West Philadelphia June 2012

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On the occasion of a conference by the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) in Philadelphia’s Centre for the Arts the Screendance Network met to do some blue-sky thinking for future projects and finding bids, exploring possible activities, residencies, partnerships, symposia and conference interventions, as well as other  publications that might complement the journal. The network was hosted by Ann Cooper Albright at a beautiful old farm, which offered plenty of room for debates, ambling and diversions.

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