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volume 9 call for papers: screening the skin

Screening the Skin: Issues of Race and Nation in Screendance

Guest editors: Melissa Blanco Borelli (Royal Holloway University of London) and Raquel Monroe (Columbia College, Chicago)

This is a call for papers for volume 9 of the International Journal of Screendance. The theme for this volume will interrogate the assumption that the screen is a white space. In similar fashion to Richard Dyer’s work on whiteness, screens and filmic representation, we are interested in questioning the ‘space’ of the screen as one that constructs particular raced imaginaries, yet one that is predominantly imagined as ‘white.’ Just as the art world is questioning the idea of the “white cube” and the gallery space, we would like to find alternative modes and voices for engaging with the idea of a white screen. We would like to receive contributions that showcase a broad range of ideas on how race intersects with screendance, philosophies, aesthetics, mediation, and notions of subjectivity and the artist.

We envision contributions to be centered around the practice and mediation of dance via the screen. Contributors might choose to speak about video artists, practices, media circulation of viral videos, racialized/affective communities as they manifest on screens on the Internets, Holly/Bolly/Nollywood casting and representation practices, screendance festivals, and historiographies of screendance.

Other topics could include:

  • Discourses of decolonizing aesthetics
  • Issues of citizenship, migration, and national identity
  • Intersections of race with gender, sexuality, class, ability, and more
  • The gallery or other spaces of display and presentation
  • Circulation, consumption and commodification of identities and aesthetics


  • Submission Deadline: Friday 1 September 2017
  • Publication Date: April/May 2018 following the peer-review and editorial process

For enquiries regarding this volume please email the IJSD guest editors Melissa Blanco Borelli (melissa.blanco@rhul.ac.uk) and Raquel Monroe (rmonroe@colum.edu).

For general inquiries regarding IJSD please email the editors Harmony Bench (bench.9@osu.edu) and Simon Ellis (simonkellis@gmail.com).

Previous issues of the IJSD are available at www.screendancejournal.org.

Further information

  • Scholarly articles (3500–6000 words) are peer-reviewed in a fully anonymous process. All other contributions will be reviewed by the editorial board: http://screendancejournal.org/about/editorialTeam. We are also interested in publishing Interviews (2000–3000 words), Reviews of books, films, or events (750–1000 words) and Provocations and Viewpoints (750–1000 words). For the purposes of review, please indicate which of the above categories best characterizes your contribution.
  • If you are interested in submitting a contribution that does not fall into the above categories, please contact the editors for additional direction.
  • Authors must register with IJSD at http://screendancejournal.org in order to upload submissions. All submissions should be uploaded by authors in .docx or .rtf format.
  • Please use the IJSD style guide – http://screendancejournal.org/about/submissions#authorGuidelines – to correctly format your document.
  • Example article (to help with formatting and style guide questions): http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/ijsd.v5i0.4423
  • Publications in all sections are indexed, but only scholarly articles are peer-reviewed. Please see IJSD’s Editorial Policies: http://screendancejournal.org/about/editorialPolicies#sectionPolicies for more information.
  • The International Journal of Screendance is published via the Open Journal System: https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/.
  • IJSD is published in English and uses American spelling and punctuation.
  • IJSD is published as PDF and HTML files and is fully open access. We serve the screendance field as a whole; therefore, there are no fees for submission, processing, publication, or access to IJSD.
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