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Chirstinn Whyte’s Review of LIFF

Leeds International Film Festival has been a high profile presence on the major circuit for almost three decades. Traditionally screening programmes across an eclectic range of fields, from animation to sci-fi, the festival last year dipped a toe into the under represented – in British festival terms, at least – genre of screendance.

This initiative could be viewed as being either exceptionally brave, or extremely foolhardy, in a climate of diminishing state funding and recent loss of all other domestic festivals. Over the last ten years, well-established ventures in Brighton, London, Liverpool and Edinburgh have been extinguished in turn like lit points on a map, leaving LIFF as sole torch-bearer for a genre experiencing international academic and artistic acclaim, but which has traditionally struggled to attract dedicated film festival audiences.

Read on…go to Chirstinn Whyte’s blog UNSPOOLED, also published on the LIFF Screendance FB page. More on the competition here.

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Leeds International Screendance Competition 2015

This year’s Leeds International Screendance Competition is on Wednesday 11 November at 6pm at Everyman Leeds.

The deadline is now closed and the selection panel have studied 164 international submissions, to nominate ten compelling shorts for the expert jury to choose a single winner from. The international jury is now confirmed in Marisa C. Hayes (co-director of the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy) Leonel Brum (co-director of dança em foco in Brazil) and Professor Dr. Liz Aggiss (artist & filmmaker). These ten films selected will go on to comprise the screening in Leeds on 11 November. Don’t miss it!

After last years resounding success, LIFF and Yorkshire Dance are delighted to present the city’s second Screendance Competition, a captivating programme of international short films that explore the site where cinematography and dance converge. Sometimes narrative and sometimes abstract, these shorts all maintain a keen engagement with movement or choreography. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a stunning selection of beautifully produced dance films, spanning a wide variety of styles and approaches to this burgeoning genre. Vote for your favourite and compare your choice with the final winner singled out by our international expert jury.

– Andy Wood

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