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What issues or questions would you like IJSD take up?

On Saturday 20 March 2021 the founding members of what was the AHRC Screendance Network and which expanded to become the Editorial Board of the IJSD invited Ohio State University symposium participants to discuss the future direction of the journal. After ten years of steering the journal this seemed to be a good moment for a review and for a wider consultation with our stakeholders. In preparation for the discussion, participants posted useful questions and suggestions on the symposium jam board, included below.

If you have any other suggestions or comments, please feel free to reply here or email the members of the Editorial Board.

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volume 4 of ijsd

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 4 of the International Journal of Screendance: Theory (into) Practice. The volume is available in HTML and PDF formats at:


The volume features articles and essays by Katy Pendlebury, Sophie Walon, Anna Heighway, Marc Boucher, Rosemary Candelario, Sherril Dodds & Colleen Hooper, Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt and Dianne Reid. There are also reviews by Kyra Norman, Priscilla Guy and Cristiane Bouger, and an interview with Katrina MacPherson.

Together these writings are framed by persistent concerns for how artists and scholars understand the interplay between practice and theory. Co-editor Claudia Kappenberg writes that the “intent here is to suggest that the two words are end points on either side of a spectrum of interdisciplinary work for the screen, and that each is a point of attraction for the other.”

This is the last volume edited by IJSD’s founding editors Claudia Kappenberg and Doug Rosenberg, and also the first volume of IJSD to be published on the Open Journal System.

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editorial board – screendance journal

The Centre for Screendance began as the Screendance Network and was initiated by Claudia Kappenberg, Doug Rosenberg and Katrina MacPherson. One of the projects that the Centre for Screendance has developed is the International Journal of Screendance. The first volume of IJSD was published in the (northern) spring of 2010. There have since been three volumes, and volume 4 will be published later in 2014. These first four volumes were edited by Doug Rosenberg and Claudia Kappenberg.

Earlier this year, Harmony Bench and I became the new editors of IJSD and volume 5 will be published in March/April 2015. We thought it might be helpful for readers of this blog to have a sense of the Journal’s editorial board. This is the group of people who are responsible for overseeing the integrity and planning of the journal. They are:

  • Doug Rosenberg
  • Claudia Kappenberg
  • Miranda Pennell
  • Ann Cooper Albright
  • Marisa Zanotti
  • Theron Schmidt
  • Sarah Whatley
  • Frank Gray
  • Kyra Norman
  • Ellen Bromberg
  • Silvina Szperling
  • Harmony Bench
  • Simon Ellis

We’ll keep you posted over the progress of volumes 4 and 5.

Simon Ellis


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Call for Submissions: International Journal of Screendance, Issue 4


The International Journal of Screendance is calling for submissions to its 4th annual issue to be published in April 2014. Whereas the previous three issues of the International Journal of Screendance have been jointly curated around specific themes, this is an OPEN CALL for submissions that will engage with and expand critical and artistic dialogues within the intersecting fields of dance and screen-based images. We invite contributions from theorists and artists, dancers and screendance makers. Some questions the editorial board would like to consider are:

  • How is contemporary screendance influenced by the ubiquitous presence of screens in popular culture and contemporary art, dance, and performance?
  • How does screendance change the critical discourses surrounding film, video, and new media?
  • What new geographies and global contexts exist for screendance?
  • How are conversations about screendance changing and evolving across different parts of screendance communities?

Approximate length: 4,000-6,000 words

Please address all inquiries and forward your electronic version of the submission to:

Nathan Jandl: njandl@wisc.edu

Submission Deadline: March 29, 2013

Date of Publication: April 2014

The Journal is produced by Screendance Network, a research group led by the University of Brighton, UK in collaboration with Coventry University, UK and funded by the AHRC. It is published online by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries and Parallel Press.
To obtain a print copy of The International Journal of Screendance, contact Parallel Press at via their website or by email.
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