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editorial board – screendance journal

The Centre for Screendance began as the Screendance Network and was initiated by Claudia Kappenberg, Doug Rosenberg and Katrina MacPherson. One of the projects that the Centre for Screendance has developed is the International Journal of Screendance. The first volume of IJSD was published in the (northern) spring of 2010. There have since been three volumes, and volume 4 will be published later in 2014. These first four volumes were edited by Doug Rosenberg and Claudia Kappenberg.

Earlier this year, Harmony Bench and I became the new editors of IJSD and volume 5 will be published in March/April 2015. We thought it might be helpful for readers of this blog to have a sense of the Journal’s editorial board. This is the group of people who are responsible for overseeing the integrity and planning of the journal. They are:

  • Doug Rosenberg
  • Claudia Kappenberg
  • Miranda Pennell
  • Ann Cooper Albright
  • Marisa Zanotti
  • Theron Schmidt
  • Sarah Whatley
  • Frank Gray
  • Kyra Norman
  • Ellen Bromberg
  • Silvina Szperling
  • Harmony Bench
  • Simon Ellis

We’ll keep you posted over the progress of volumes 4 and 5.

Simon Ellis


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