All this can happen

Last night the new film and collaboration between Siobhan Davies and David Hinton was premiered at Dance Umbrella.

‘All this can happen’ is a major oeuvre, a choreographic and editorial feast with a stunning visuality and amazing soundscape, which take the viewer on a long walk, so to speak, as in Robert Walser’s short story The Walk (1917).

The introductory notes include this description: “Frame by frame, we follow this man’s thoughts and experiences through a constellation of images from a world in all its random diversity. As in a flick book, ordinary movements from everyday activities appear, evolve and freeze, creating a striking choreographic work that playfully blurs our sense of memory, imagination and our sense of self.”

The random diversity includes many things from urban street scenes, kids playing, a man strolling down a country lane, a giant, a traumatised individual staring out from a bed,  greyhounds racing and filmstrips ending in abstract patterns. There is much to think about this epic journey, its sounds and images.

If anyone would like to write a review of this film for the next issue of the International Journal of Screendance please get in touch with us!

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